We increase your sales result! How?

All our services are designed to move your sales and marketing resources from gut feelings and coincidences, to a factual and structured use of resources where you most easily can succeed.

Sales and marketing service check

Our service check is like a “car service check” where we review the entire company’s sales and marketing activities with the point of view of a potential customer and review how they would perceive the company’s products, online media, communication and brand value.

Fact analysis

Our thoroughly tested analysis, factually and historically shows which sales and marketing activities are yielding results and which are wasted resources. Replace gut feelings with facts.

Sales and marketing strategy

Our sales and marketing strategy ensure the greatest possible chance of success in terms of time, resources and ROI. A common direction is formed for the future and a simple plan for who does what when.

Day to day sales work

We share our experiences from working with numerous of sales departments. Quite simply best practice. A clear structure and negotiation techniques are the key words to make a sales team perform.

Online sales department motivation

Much of a sales department’s success obvious lies in the structure and quality of the sales work, but it is also conditioned by high drive and motivation. We have developed an online product which means that during a working week the salespeople receive varied motivation via online media and are constantly forced to think about how they best work with their sales work and results.

The turnover rocket

Our revenue rocket is a long-term loyal collaboration between FRUIT and our customers. A structured plan is developed for how we can work together to lift the company to the highest possible sales efficiency and revenue targets.


Our own company is built with a large degree of international business experience. We utilise this knowledge and can contribute with proven best practices to export and internationalisation.


Our analyses breakdown company data and show the way to success furthermore it reveals hidden future challenges. This makes it easy for top management, investors and the board of directors to get a simple overview of the company’s small operational details.

Our strategic consultants have extraordinary commercial knowledge and can advantageously join boards where sales development is essential for a successful future.